The Quality of your relationships shapes the quality of your life!

If you are reading this you are probably interested in a relational tune-up, re-vamp, make over or some relational closure. I encourage you to keep reading!

If you would like to learn and practice skills to have a corrective healing relationship with yourself and/or others - You are in the right place!

Being intimate is the only thing that brings us peace and the only thing that cultivates a sense of happiness—AND we haven’t been taught it!

The absolutely wonderful news is that the continually emerging brain science tells us that we CAN heal our brain by forming new neural pathways to help us change our emotional and relational legacy! HOW?!? By learning and practicing skills to have a corrective healing relationship with yourself and others.

Most of us have been handed a legacy that is unfamiliar and uncomfortable with intimacy. A legacy that doesn’t help cultivate much of an appetite or even tolerance for intimacy. The patterns we have been taught often actively undermine and squash intimacy.

Let me teach you how to practice and become more intimate (emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and physically) AND teach your partner how to become more accepting of your efforts!

Learn a relational technology that you can begin putting into practice immediately!

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Relational Therapies

My Approach

My therapeutic approach is eclectic. I customize and weave together a cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic and family systems, relational approach with a strengths perspective and a trauma recovery focus with each client.

My coaching style is direct, straight forward, nurturing, fun-loving, compassionate, firm, concrete and understandable. I give authentic, loving and firm feedback in a way that the client can hear it and digest it. We can’t do something differently until we notice that it is happening.

Unfortunately, traditional therapies often assist clients in feeling better about the pain they are in, but do not give the uncomfortable feedback necessary to make significant and sustainable changes.

Clients who want to settle or stay the same are generally not a good fit…
Clients who want to improve the quality of their lives and are willing to work hard at it have great success with me.


I specialize in seeing “difficult” cases. I often see couples who have been to see many other therapists. I see people dealing with infidelity, having intimacy disappointment, experiencing frustrating roadblocks to effective communication, continuously feeling hurt, anger, resentful and frustrated, in conflict about parenting, chores, responsibilities, finances, caught in dances of high conflict and often on the doorstep of divorce.

“Intimacy and connection are our birthright and optimal state. The cure for addiction and emotional problems is intimacy” – Terry Real, Founder of Relational Life Therapy.

I have studied extensively and directly with Terry Real of the Relational Life Institute and am a certified Relational Life Therapy Coach and an Essential Skills Bootcamp Facilitator.

In Relational Life Therapy, clients learn very specific tools and techniques to approach upsets, requests, communication, listening and repair. This unique therapy provides micro-coaching to help assist cultivation and practice of healing moves that produce new neural pathways in our brain and that of our partner. We develop together which creates a bonding experience and deeper intimacy.

We also work with the traumatized part of each client that has been undermining the ability to have a healthy, mature, wise minded relationship that is sustainable.

Fees & Policies

Relational Therapies

Robin Mckenna, LISW-CP

I wanted to be a therapist so I could continue to heal and grow myself and ultimately share that with others… for a price. 😊

The only way I could afford to be in therapy all day everyday was to become a therapist!

People will often comment, “it must be so hard to hear people's pain day in and day out” and while there are some days harder than others—I know that we change and grow when we are in pain and have repeatedly seen after 27 years in practice that THIS painful moment is THE opportunity! This person/ these people are now OPEN! They are looking for other options, new plans for the future and are more willing than ever to try some new relational science experiments and I have lots of ideas that have been proven to be very effective! Hooray! Lucky me to have a part in this beautiful, gut wrenching, amazing, and spiritual transformation. And I get paid too?... (yes, I do… we will get to that part later.)

I have been married for 30 years and we have two grown sons. In those many years, my husband and I have had, as Esther Perel says, 5-6 different marriages—just all with the same person.

We have worked, and continued to work hard at the skills and practices necessary to cocreate a nourishing, connected, increasingly intimate relationship that we look forward to coming home to. But it hasn’t always been this way. Like most couples we had 20th century skills, traits and rules as regards relationships and yet had 21st century relational desires.

The only therapy that provided us with quick, noticeable lasting and satisfying shifts was Relational Life Therapy! RLT helped us to grow individually and as a couple—we did it as a team.

Boring but important info about me:
In practice for 27 years
Masters in Clinical Social Work from the University of Georgia
Licensed Independent Social Worker- Clinical Practice in the State of SC
Certified Relational Life Therapist (trained directly with Terry Real)
Certified RLT Relational Bootcamp/Facilitator
EMDR Certified
Inducted into the National Academies of Practice
Past President and Board Member of the Clinical Social Work Association (National Professional Organization)
Past President of the South Carolina Society for Clinical Social Work

Relational Therapies

Cultural Piece

Our culture is in a state of exceptional transition. Marriage has been in bad shape for 50 years, and at the same time we want more from it than ever before.

We live in an individualistic, narcissistic, self-absorbed, patriarchal, power and control over culture.
This is what we live and breathe.
And yet we crave more authentic connection, more intimacy from ourselves and one another.

I support the partner who wants to cocreate a more intimate relationship. YES! I take sides and coach pioneering skills to break the legacy of disconnection.

If you want to create a new, cherishing relationship with yourself and/or someone else—I would love to help you.

Not sure your relationship can work?
Not every relationship is salvageable. I will thoroughly assess the components of your particular relationship “casserole” and let you know if it is possible or probable that you will achieve your relationship goals.

I have no agenda other than to assist you with your relational journey. I have helped many, many people improve their relationships and many to disentangle from them.